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The Tinnitus Project
Debbie Featherstone MSc
Specialist in Tinnitus Management

I have more than 25 years experience in tinnitus management, 17 of which (1993-2010) were in the NHS. I took early retirement in 2010 from my post of Head of Hearing Therapy Services at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Professionally, my main interest is building up access to effective Tinnitus Management for those wishing to access help for their tinnitus. I do that through the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme and formed a partnership between the Tinnitus E-Programme and the British Tinnitus Association in January 2020 - details here

Although it might be understandable that many are vocal about there being "no cure for tinnitus", the fact is there is not. Clinically, there are so many possible points of origin for tinnitus onset, there is unlikely to ever be a one-stop "cure". There is much that CAN be done, so I have directed my efforts for the last 27 years towards delivering on that.

Whether individuals work with me one to one, or through the Tinnitus E-Programme, my objective is to help them to live with tinnitus WITHOUT it being troublesome to them. There are some example TESTIMONIALS from some of those who have worked one to one with me, and a growing number of fantastic REVIEWS from those who have used the therapist supported Tinnitus E-Programme.

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