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The Tinnitus Project

Counselling Skills & Tinnitus Care Pathway (CSTCP) - A Course for Audiologists

One of the first things I did upon leaving the NHS was set up a training course for Audiologists to train them to deliver basic tinnitus management. The course is called Counselling Skills & Tinnitus Care Pathway (CSTCP) for Audiologists, and I ran it on behalf of the North West School of Audiology.

In 2016, the course ran in Northern Ireland for Audiologists and Specialist Sensory Social Workers across the 5 Health & Social Care regions in Northern Ireland.

The CSTCP is currently being adapted to be available ONLINE (Expected to go live September 2019)

Unlike other training courses, the CSTCP is not two or three days of intensive lectures. It takes place over several months, Audiologists work at their own pace, with the requisite to put in to practice what has been learned in each of the modules. Feedback is 1-1 through Clinical Supervision. In addition to the clinical aspects of tinnitus management, training is also provided in Reflective & Reflexive Practice, Critical Thinking & Clinical Reasoning Skills and Protocol Development.

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